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To use the web services, the user must generate a token that will automatically inherit the permissions and security settings that apply to that user.

How to generate an access token

Follow these steps to generate a token:

Launch the application on Edit mode.

On the main menu in the left column, go to Security and then click Tokens.

Click the ‘Create Token’ button.

In the pop-up windows select the person that you want to create the token for and click Create Token.

When the token has been created, click anywhere in the row to open it.

You will see the token, copy it and keep it handy since you will use it on every API request.

Example of secured request


"authToken": "(valueAutToken)",

"formId": "(valueFormId)",

"model": {

"(param1)": "(value1)",

"(param2)": "(value2)",


"(paramN)": "(valueN)",